TWINSBURG -- Personally and professionally, fitness is a passion for new Twinsburg Fitness Center activities coordinator Chad Priest.

He has summited the highest mountain in West Virginia and enjoys the outdoors, both camping and boating. Now the Twinsburg Fitness Center can benefit from his experience, as he is charged with developing diverse fitness programming at the TFC.

"I've always wanted the opportunity to develop into a leader and help others become established in fitness," Priest said. "This position gives me the chance to do just that."

Priest was hired full-time to the vacant post June 2. He will be paid $18 per hour in the position, according to the Twinsburg Human Resources Department.

"I'm looking forward to helping members reach their potential and incorporate fitness into their lifestyles, long-term," Priest said.

Priest graduated from The Ohio State University with an undergraduate degree in exercise science, and has been heavily involved in the fitness world for more than eight years. Twinsburg Parks and Recreation officials say Priest's dedication to fitness inspired him to continue his education at the University of Akron, where he earned a master's degree in exercise physiology.

He has worked in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania as an exercise enthusiast and instructor. And his resume boasts experience in working with a diverse audience, including children, seniors, individuals with disabilities, and those new to fitness -- in other words, all people who use the Twinsburg Fitness Center on a regular basis.

Having previously worked as a beach trainer for the Ritz Carlton in Florida and in the Health and Wellness Center of the Cleveland Clinic, city officials say Priest's diverse experience is a welcome addition.

"We're very excited to add Chad to our team," said Parks and Rec Director Derek Schroeder. "His talent and qualifications are a perfect fit for the position. Our members will really enjoy working with him."

Priest says the best fitness results can come from a catered, specific exercise regimen.

"I'd really like to implement workout programs that are tailored to the different fitness needs of individual members," Priest said. "It will help them identify what fitness path is best suited for them, and break down the step-by- step process to follow it."

Priest added he looks forward to the challenge.

"Consistency is key," Priest said. "It's what produces results."


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