Author Michael Chrome will host a book signing of his second novel, “The Quest of the Attal,” June 7 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at El Tren Grill Mexican Restaurant, 70 East Ave.

Chrome has reserved the passenger train car to sell and sign books, as well as offering appetizers and refreshments to visitors.

Chrome, aka Michael Gray, is a 1984 graduate of Tallmadge High School and owns Gray Mart at 14 S. Main St. in Munroe Falls.

In his first book, “The Secret of the Attal,” protagonists Gary and Maria White own a small neighborhood store in Northeastern Ohio where they know their customers by name. They work long hours but enjoy family, friends, and a low stress life. At least they did before a regular customer nicknamed Taxi-Bill changed their lives forever.

Bill has been given the task of recruiting someone to help identify and correct corruption within his society. But the only way to do that is to reveal the secret his society has been keeping for eons: The Attal's secret existence on Earth.
After agreeing to help the self-proclaimed peaceful alien society, Gary trades the White's low stress days for a secret adventure. The White's embark on the discovery of the alien society that leads to fancy dinner parties, police breakouts, high speed chases, and shootouts as they race to help Bill overcome a malicious faction among its' not-so-peaceful leadership.

In his newest, “The Quest of the Attal,” the White’s lives changed the moment they learned aliens walked amongst them and agreed to help fix the Attal’s flawed coming of age Galtri Tournament. They had to endure police breakouts and late night shoot outs, while revealing the corrupted members within its leadership. Two years later the Attal need their help again, to apprehend those who escaped justice and have since acquired great wealth and power.
As they learn to work with the Attal, the Whites and their team of trusted friends receive alien technology. With their enhanced skills, the team travels the globe trying to outwit the last remaining fugitives that threaten both worlds. The Whites teach them not only about family values, but about the need to bend the occasional rule. They must risk their lives while dealing with overwhelming emotions created by their alien enhancements and young love from two races light years apart
For more information, contact Chrome via email at michael@, call 330-388-2718 or visit,, or Instagram@michaelchromeauthor.