Evamere Elementary School kindergarteners Max Dooley and Mia Dooley were nominated and chosen for recognition by the "Kids Making a Difference" program, which is sponsored by The Royster Group and hosted by the Hudson Parent Teacher Organization. Students were chosen for their significant accomplishments or achievements in and/or out of school and for helping others and contributing to their school and community in a positive manner.

Mia, Max and Isa Dooley are "terrific triplets" at Evamere Elementary School. According to their teachers each sibling is a brilliant, compassionate and outstanding leader in his or her own special and unique way. Mia and Max are being recognized as students making a difference because of the support, empathy and leadership in advocating to spread awareness of their sister's condition of Type I Diabetes. Max and Mia are well-educated on Isa's condition and are prepared to care for their sister at all times.

Mia Dooley is in Miss Frabotta's class. Miss Frabotta has nominated Mia for the way she and Max have been the most magnificent cheerleaders for their sister and the way Mia empowers her sister with courage and strength on a daily basis. Mia has said, "I like to help Isa make sure she is feeling okay. She has a pod on her arm right now and sometimes it hurts when it moves. I try to make her happy when it hurts. I help her with her test strips sometimes too. I love my sister!" Mia also enjoyed helping out at her school for beautification day. In her free time, Mia takes taekwondo, where she is currently a purple tip belt and is looking forward to earning her black belt. She also loves to play outside, draw pictures and read. When she grows up, Mia would like to be an artist, singer or a scientist. She would also love to be a writer. She currently has a notebook where she writes songs and likes to sing them to her family. She believes that "kids can make a difference being respectful to others. kids should be an up stander instead of a bystander."

Max Dooley is a kindergartener in Mrs. Marshall's class. Max has been nominated for the maturity, compassion and global awareness that he and his sister Mia display, "an awareness beyond their years -- a true rarity that is appreciated and embraced within our classroom" according to Mrs. Marshall. When talking about his sister Max said, "I play with Isa a lot. Sometime I get to press the buttons when she needs to check her levels on her pod. Isa always lets me pick the movie! Isa is the best because she has a good heart and a Dexcom." Max also enjoyed volunteering at beautification day at Evamere. Max is looking forward to earning his black belt this coming year after studying taekwondo for three years. He also enjoys playing basketball, baseball, reading and going on bike rides with his father. In the future Max really wants to become a singer and dancer like Matty B. He would like to write songs and perform them all over the world. Max believes kids can make a difference be being respectful of people and things around us, whether it be taking care of library books, artwork on the walls or just the buildings and schools that we enter.

The Hudson PTO congratulates these outstanding kids who are making a real difference in their school and community. The PTO thanks The Royster Group for their sponsorship of this program and for their generous donation each month. The proceeds of their donation will assist the children of the Hudson City Schools.