A trip to Tallmadge Photography to pick up her daughter's senior pictures may have saved Betsy Trail resident Sandy Garbinsky's life. The afternoon of May 2, Garbinsky's boyfriend, Ted Carey, was asleep in the home after working a late shift.

Sandy says she went outside to mow the lawn, but as that is not her favorite chore, she decided to run out to pick up the photos instead. She's glad she did. Because at 2:45 p.m. on that windy afternoon, an oak tree, estimated to be about 100-feet tall with a circumference of 4 1/2 feet, was uprooted and fell on her house. "My children -- Alyssa, Jessica, Emma and Joey -- luckily, were not home at the time as well, thank goodness," she adds. Sandy's boyfriend, who must've jumped out of bed at the sound and impact, was also unhurt. Taylor Restoration did the tree removal, which Sandy says took about three days. Sandy says she believes the constant rain, coupled with the wind, is responsible for her tree toppling.

"Nothing has been fixed at this point as the insurance company is still working on an estimate due to the extensive damage."

Even with all the damage inside the home due to the impact, Sandy says she is grateful she and her family can continue to live there while the repairs are being completed.