Robert F. Amlung

Melvin F. Bancroft

Walter C. Bartley Jr.

Harold M. Behymer

Ralph W. Brower

Andrew Brownfield

J. Peter Burgess

Raymond C. Caipen

George A. Chandler

Ray H. Conard

William E. Cook

A.Louis Graner

Arthur J. Heisser

Jerry E. Hogan

John G. Hunter

Elmer M. Krutzler

William Lantz

Bryan Large

Michael B. Lindemuth

Benedict J. Linnen III

James B. Mabry

Chester McCreary

Roy W. Murray

Gates C. Neidlinger

George R. Neidlinger

Joseph Oblak

Edwin L. Palmer

Robert W. Poe

Richard L. Porter

Robert Radcliff Jr.

Robert Rhinehart

David E. Rylander

Madison C. Schepps

John F. Schnee

Richard E. Scott

Adrian D. Shaver

Robert R. Taylor

Joseph A. Tomci

Charles Vaile

Francis L. Viall

Robert N. Weyrick

Clarence H. Wilcox

Wilbur M. Wise

"Let us not forget our Prisoners of War and Missing in Action. They must remain alive in our minds and hearts until we know they have returned home to their loved ones, or have been called to the bosom of Our Heavenly Father."