Don L. Robart is not going to run for mayor this year, according to a statement Robart hand-delivered to the Cuyahoga Falls News-Press on May 22.

Earlier this month, the former mayor had told the newspaper it was a "distinct possibility" he was going to throw his hat into the ring. Robart, a Republican, was the city's mayor from 1986-2013.

"I have decided to not seek the office of mayor of Cuyahoga Falls in 2017," Robart said in his typed statement. "My sense is the current political climate does not lend itself to a comeback for me [this year]." Comparing politics to a pendulum, Robart said he is "hopeful for a strong showing by Republicans in the crucial 2018 elections, [but] I am not as confident about this November."

Robart said he's been offered a "lucrative" position in the private sector heading up a large development project in northern Summit County. He said this type of project fits his skill set and is right for him and his family at this time.

"I wish to thank the citizens of Cuyahoga Falls for allowing me the great honor of being their mayor for 28 years," Robart said. "As the longest serving mayor in the history of our city, I am very proud of our many accomplishments. I wish only the best for our beloved Cuyahoga Falls. God bless Cuyahoga Falls."


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