The city of Tallmadge tested the CodeRED Emergency Notification System May 17 at 10 a.m. to both residents and businesses. This activation was delivered via telephone, TDD transmission, text message, email and the CodeRED mobile app.

It is important if a resident (or business) did not receive a message to sign-up at

Technology is changing the way the city of Tallmadge notifies residents of bad weather or bad situations --- and city officials want to inform the public of this trend. There are no longer any functioning emergency alert sirens within the city, according to Deputy Fire Chief Ben Stasik. He urges those who live or work in Tallmadge to sign up for alerts via the CodeRED service.

While CodeRED has been available to Tallmadge residents for severe weather warnings since 2010, Stasik says the city recently upgraded the service; it now alerts residents of any emergency, whether it's a boil advisory, major road closure, parking ban or evacuation notice. "This service will now serve as the primary way to notify the public with critical notifications in the city of Tallmadge," Stasik reports.

Residents can sign-up to receive alerts via phone calls to cellular or landlines, in addition to text messages and email. CodeRED also offers a mobile app for those that want to receive notifications directly to their cellphone based upon geolocation.

The CodeRED service is factored into the city's budget for emergency management purposes, according to Stasik. Tallmadge Finance Director Mollie Gilbride says the city will spend $8,500 on CodeRED this year.