Students in Beth Killeen's Language Arts class at Hudson Middle School are hosting a fundraiser at Chipotle on May 25 from 4 to 8 p.m. in order to raise money for a young Tanzanian girl's education. Amina, like many girls in Africa, cannot afford to go to school. The students in Killeen's Language Arts class have organized this fundraiser to aid with their research project, as a part of Project Based Learning.

PBL began in fall 2016 as a modern teaching technique and developed into one that many teachers at Hudson Middle School use. Along with Killeen's Language Arts class, other students from Hudson Middle School formed groups and researched for many weeks before creating a project regarding their findings.

Killeen's Language Arts class believes that all children should get an education, and money collected from the fundraiser will help Amina pay for attendance at Orkeeswa Secondary School in Tanzania.