Nordonia Hills Parent Teacher Association honored the district's annual Helping Hands, Educator of the year, and the PTA achievement award winners during a PTA recognition dinner May 3. The event was called "In the Pink: For the love of Community." The PTA chose pink for Tessa Puma, a local 6-year-old girl who recently lost the lower half of her left leg due to a rare infection, but also incorporated orange in honor of Sarah Bush, a Nordonia High School freshmen who recently died of Leukemia. Marie Puma Adamini spoke on behalf of Tina Puma, Tessa's mom, and read something from Tina thanking the community for all of their support. Special guest speaker was Leslie Gorta, who has daughters at the middle school and at Northfield Elementary. Gorta, who is dealing with breast cancer, has always been an active volunteer and a supporter of the schools. The Northfield staff has been doing baskets for her to take with her during her chemo treatments. The focus of the evening was community and how to rally around parents, students and staff who may be in need of extra community support.