MACEDONIA -- The city is seeking bids for the first group of roads to be completed this year, now that Issue 3 has passed.

The administration has divided the roads to be renovated into three groups. The first group, estimated at about $1.5 million in cost, will be done this year. The roads included in this group are Skyland Drive, Laurel Drive (from Chamberlain Road to Shepard Road), Sioux Lane, Waters Drive, Summer Road, Barkdale Lane (from Newport Drive to Bonnie Road), South Skyland Drive, Roseland Drive and Macedonia Commons Boulevard.

For lists of roads in groups two and three see the story on

Mayor Joe Migliorini said the city is paving the worst roads in the city first, and set out to do the next two groups in 2018.

"You have to realize we are late into the year," Migliorini said. "We are going out for bids but the process can take 30, 45 up to 60 days sometimes. So we took a smaller chunk of the worst roads to attack immediately because they are the worst of the worst roads in our town and they have been graded."

He said the city will go out for bids at the beginning of 2018 for bids on the two remaining groups in the hopes of getting better prices.

"Contractors are hungrier in the winter and they are trying to figure out what projects they are going to get for the spring," he said adding no one would be willing to price a project for 2018 not knowing what oil and asphalt prices will be next year.

He added another important reason to pave the roads is safety.

"People bottom out their cars," due to potholes, he said. "You don't know how many calls this administration has been getting where people have damaged rims, and their cars and are asking for compensation."

He said the city is also going to hire extra part-time service department help for the summer in hopes of putting a crew together to do nothing but patch roads until they can be fixed on a more permanent basis.

Council President Nick Molnar said paving any roads this year would not have been possible without the passage of Issue 3 on May 2 and he is grateful to the residents who voted for it.

"We are doing what we said we were going to do and this is the first step to making that happen," he said of the unanimous passage of the resolution to go for bids. "I want to thank all those who helped, it was a long battle but here we go, we are going to get this town back."

Group 2
Meadowlawn Drive
Valley View Road (Highland Road- Route 82)
Foxhill Lane
Eillen Drive
Ledge Road (from Peppers Market to Sheffield Steel)
North Bedford Road (Northern corp. - Ledge Road)
Shepard Hills Boulevard (Shepard Road - #1044)
Thistleridge Drive
Sugarbush Park
Brookdale Lane
Driftwood Lane (Shepard Road to Barkdale Lane)
Stoneridge Road
Tanglewood Drive
Gloria Drive

Group 3
Shepard Road (Route 82 - Highland Road)
Commanche Trail
Robin Lane
Berkshire Drive (North Bedford Road - Crow Drive)
Brookpoint Drive
Oakview Road (east of creek)
Firestone Lane (Ledge Road -Robinwood Terrace)
Seminole Lane
Swallow Drive
Cheyenne Run
Valley View Road (Summer Road - Preserve Lane)
Longwood Drive
Longbrook Drive
Twinsburg Road (Valley View Road - east corp.)
Twinsburg Road (west corp. - Valley View Road)
Crow Drive (Shepard Hills - Route 82)
Wren Drive

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