Streetsboro ready

for a new Wendy's

Since the abrupt closure in December 2013 of Streetsboro's Wendy's restaurant on Route 14 east of the center of town fans of the fast food chain have been going without, but that's about to end.

The city's planning commission voted 6-0 last week to approve the site plan for a new Wendy's restaurant at Route 14 and Mondial at the site of the former First Merit Bank.

George Schweitzer, president of Geo-Graphics Inc. representing Wendy's during the site plan review, said he believes ground will be broken sometime this summer.

Thomas Morgan, regional construction manager for Wendy's, said "the goal would be to open in 2017."

The new site was chosen because of its visibility and ease of access, he added. He said about 20,000 cars visit Walmart across the street each day, and motorists can turn at the Mondial Parkway light and access the restaurant off the side street.

Mayor Glenn Broska said the new Wendy's will be welcome in town. "There are a lot of people who are very anxious for you to be back," he told the Wendy's development team.

-- Bob Gaetjens, R-C reporter