AURORA -- The value of projects for which building permits were issued in Aurora in April was $880,479, according to the planning-zoning-building department.

Commercial projects were valued at $123,500 and includes antennas for Verizon Wireless at 65 W. Pioneer Trail, office alterations for Edward Jones at 33 N. Chillicothe Road and interior alterations at the Aurora Inn.

Residential projects were valued at $756,979 and included two condominium units, five alterations, six decks, three utility buildings and one garage.

Fifty licenses were issued, including 40 for general work, six for electrical and four for plumbing.

Revenue for the department last month was as follows: $17,699 from building permits, $5,000 from licenses, $351 for miscellaneous, $193 in state fees, $5,100 from completion deposits and $10,000 from topography deposits for a total of $38,343.

City personnel made 416 residential and 30 commercial-industrial inspections in April.

Meanwhile, Police Chief Brian Byard reported 14 Part I -- the most serious -- offenses occurred in April, including 13 thefts and one burglary.

Other offenses include fraud-identity theft, vandalism, drug abuse, drug overdoses, domestic violence, disorderly conduct and a suicide attempt or threat.

Officers filed 98 reports, handled 344 traffic-related tasks and 184 criminal-type calls and carried out 1,030 service-related duties. Total dispatch activity amounted to 1,600 items.

There were one injury accident and six non-injury accidents investigated, and seven accidents on private property. Thirteen adults were charged with criminal activity, and nine juveniles were cited for being unruly.

Fifty-six people were cited for traffic offenses, and officers made 266 traffic stops. Two citations were issued for driving under the influence, eight for driving under suspension, six for speeding and four for ignoring traffic signals.

Fire Chief David Barnes reported his crews responded to 25 fire alarms and 147 rescue calls and made 33 fire prevention inspections. Fire loss was estimated at $200.

Sudden illness was the main reason for emergency responses (28 incidents), followed by falls (21), breathing problems (140, accidental injuries (13) and weakness/dizziness (10).

Crews made 59 trips to Cleveland Clinic-Twinsburg, 15 to Hillcrest Hospital, 12 to Ahuja Medical Center, 11 to UH-Portage, eight to UH-Twinsburg and one each to Bedford and Southpointe hospitals.

During fire prevention inspection, hazards found included fire extinguishers and alarms out of date, emergency lighting not functional, lack of exit signs, aisles and exit doors blocked, electrical covers missing or damaged, too many extension cords in a socket and misuse of power strips.

The service department reported that 474 tons of trash and 121 tons of recyclables were collected from Aurora residences in April, an 80 percent to 20 percent ratio. For the first four months of the year, 1,728 tons of trash and 504 tons of recyclables have been picked up.

Revenue from water and sewer permits totaled $30,286. A little more than $18 came from Barrington, while about $12,000 came from the Lakes of Aurora.

It was a banner month for Aurora's cemetery, with revenue of $9,922. The previous three months saw no more than $3,000 come in. The breakdown of revenue is as follows: $4,365 from sales of lots (14 were sold), $2,860 for vault interments, $1,455 for perpetual care, $656 for foundations and $586 for ash interments.