On May 15, County Executive Ilene Shapiro and County Council passed two pieces of legislation aimed at increasing awareness of two key issues that substantially impact Summit County; strong local infrastructure and mental health awareness.

Resolution No. 2017-160 recognized the week of May 15th to May 19th, 2017 as Infrastructure Week in Summit County. The goal of this legislation is to recognize the importance of a strong local infrastructure and the impact it has on the economic and community development that occurs within the County. Hopefully, through the passage of this legislation, all levels of government will be informed and encouraged to be leaders in addressing the County’s pressing infrastructure challenges.

“We need to invest in our infrastructure,” said Council President John Schmidt. “The longer we wait the more it will cost to bring it up to date.”

Resolution No. 2017-193 declares May 2017 to be the month of Mental Health Awareness in Summit County. Millions of Americans live with a mental health condition, and this legislation aims to promote awareness and increase dialogue about the importance of mental health. The stigma attached to mental health diagnosis is a major roadblock to diagnosis and treatment of those suffering. By passing this resolution and naming May as Mental Health Awareness Month, the County hopes to promote positive dialogue and increase knowledge about the signs and symptoms of mental health diagnosis.

“Knowing the signs and symptoms of mental health are the first steps to diagnosis and treatment” said County Executive Ilene Shapiro, “the County will assist with facilitating the dialogue and increasing the awareness in any way that it can to ensure that people are receiving the right support and treatment.”