On April 23, Stow dispatchers Jessica Dolezal and Sheryl Dunn were recognized at the 18th Annual Summit County Telecommunicators' Dinner for their work during a shooting in Tallmadge. They were recipients of the Thomas Weiss Memorial Award for Dedication and Excellence in Public Safety Communications in Summit County.

On May 22, 2016, at 1:34 p.m., dispatchers Dolezal and Dunn handled a shooting incident in Tallmadge. This was a Sunday afternoon and these two dispatchers handled this incident with speed and professionalism. Dispatcher Dolezal radio- dispatched the call within 20 seconds of receiving the call of two people shot. According to Stow Police Chief Film, this is not an easy task while trying to decipher what happened, entering the call into the computer system and fielding other callers. Dispatchers Dolezal and Dunn were both fielding calls and assisting in the requests for Akron EMS support, Akron Police support, Cuyahoga Falls Police support and establishing mutual aid radio channels along with handling the radio traffic of Tallmadge Police and Fire units. They were also responsible for the other radio traffic during that incident of Stow, Mogadore and Randolph Township Fire Department. Their ability to remain calm under pressure was apparent that day.