Stow police issued a "scam alert" May 4 after a woman called the police department that morning asking if she owed a fine for an alleged traffic violation.

"One of our residents called the police department today reference an email she received from stow," according to a post on the department's Facebook page. "The email advised that a traffic camera recorded her committing a traffic violation and that she owed a $500.00 fine. THIS IS A SCAM. DO NOT PAY. The Stow Police Department does not have traffic enforcement cameras."

Police Chief Jeff Film told the Stow Sentry that the woman said the violation was allegedly for speeding. He also said the city does not have an eTicketing program.

Diana Colavecchio, Stow Municipal Court clerk of courts, said the court is working on an eTicketing program that the court hopes will be operational by the end of the year. However, she said that even if it were up and running, such an email would not be sent out in connection with it.

"The effect is that the police agencies can submit tickets electronically through [an online] portal, as opposed to dropping off the hard copies to us as is done now," said Colavecchio. "The eTicket system has absolutely nothing to do with collections."

Munroe Falls police said that as of May 4, they have not received any reports of such a scam.


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