HUDSON -- Police are warning residents that a scam which hit the area about 10 years ago is again making the rounds in Hudson and surrounding areas.

People who get caught up in this scam could be changed with a felony, according to Hudson Police Det. Kaija Jeantet.

The detective advises the community to be "very wary of this type of scam."

"We had a resident report that he was hired online as a package inspector who is supposed to be checking for lithium battery leakage. He receives numerous packages, opens them, removes the receipts, repackages items, and reships them to another address," she said. "However, the merchandise has been obtained with stolen credit card numbers, so they are in fact receiving stolen property and can be charged with a crime, likely at the felony level."

This type of scam is often pulled on college students and people who want to work from home for extra money.

"The worker is promised payment for their work but usually never receives anything at all," Jeantet said. "However, their own credit and/or bank accounts are likely to be compromised by the scammers after they give away their personal information thinking they are new employees."

The alleged shipping companies use the "reshippers" to funnel as much stolen merchandise as possible out of the United States to foreign countries such as Romania, Ukraine and South Africa, Jeantet said.

"Citizens who have become involved with these scams should immediately cease and desist from handling further stolen merchandise, refuse all additional deliveries, and attempt to return any existing items to the vendors who sent them by contacting the vendors' customer service centers for advice on return shipping," she added.

If a scam is suspected, report it to your local police department.

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