The following are ordinances from the April 27 Macedonia City Council agenda:

Appointment of Mario Fioritto to full-time firefighter, pass 5-0

Appointment of Bruce Genovese to full-time dispatch, pass 5-0

Appointment of Sheldon Socoloff to Chief Building Commissioner, pass 5-0

Adding appropriations for repairs for city buildings from wind damage to be covered by insurance, purchase of a mini excavator and repair underground fuel tanks at a city garage, pass 4-1

Salt purchase for 2017-2018 winter season, pass 5-0

Establishing ordinances to regulate medical marijuana cultivation and prohibit dispensaries within the city, first reading

Establishing a Tax Incremental Financing for The Avenue at Macedonia, for 30-years, first reading

Approval of edits and inclusion of various codified ordinances for the city, pass 5-0