STOW -- The city is considering an estimated $1.9 million in road projects for this year, but will likely have to pare down the list.

Service Director Nick Wren said during City Council's April 13 public improvements committee meeting that this is because only $1.5 million has been budgeted for road work this year.

"I'm certainly not confident that every road that you see here [on the list] is going to be done," he said. "I would think that one or possibly two need to be removed from the list to get us under that [$1.5 million.]."

Wren also said "it's important to note" that the prices are only estimates for now.

"This is not concrete," said Wren. "We have not gone to bid yet. This is based on our projections."

A little over $1 million on projected costs are for asphalt resurfacing projects. In addition, there are assorted other asphalt road projects where all or part of the road under the surface will have to be replaced for a total estimated cost of about $345,000 and the City Hall parking lot may be milled and resurfaced for an estimated cost of nearly $160,000.

Meanwhile, concrete resurfacing projects are estimated at about $73,000 and proposed concrete replacement projects are estimated at a little under $320,000.

Wren said asphalt costs have been "stagnant" since last year and so this is a good time to do such projects.

"We are going to go heavy this year on asphalt," he said. "Concrete is up about 10 percent so we've lessened our concrete program slightly to take advantage of the low prices for asphalt."

The largest asphalt road resurfacing project being considered is the entire 3,880 foot length of Marsh Road for about $105,000. Other such projects being considered include small portions of Darrow, Kent and Steels Corners roads; and all or portions of Elm, Maplewood and Housley roads; Clarke, Pebblehurst, Peterboro, Berwin, Hibbard, Markwood, Wyndham Ridge and Crown Pointe drives; Knob, Daisy and Berry hills; Hawthorne, Margaret, Thorndale, Eagle and Mallard avenues; and Beech Street, Kings Mill Boulevard, Courtwood Way and Queensbury Circle.

The city is also considering asphalt repaving at Silver Springs Park's Stow Road entrance, including at Bow Wow Beach for a cost not yet calculated, which Wren said would come out of park funds, not the road program, and the City Hall parking lot. He said the parking lot repavement, estimated at nearly $160,000, has become a priority.

"It's about 15 years overdue," said Wren, adding later that, "The longer we go, the more expensive it's going to be to actually do."

The city is also considering various asphalt repair projects, including those connected to water line breaks, as well as on Meadowbrook Boulevard between Hibbard and Hudson drives, for a total estimated cost of about $345,000.

Concrete projects include overlay work on portions of Saybrooke Boulevard and Hampton Circle for a little under $75,000 and concrete replacement projects at various locations for nearly $320,000.

Councilor Bob Adaska, who serves as chairman of the public improvements committee, said he appreciated the efforts taken by the service department in formulating the list.

"As you know, it takes a little bit of while, a little time, to get up to speed on some of these major capital projects for the city, the road program being one of them," he said.


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