HUDSON -- Council members May 2 recognized the service of public service employees and those serving our country.

Residents are encouraged to purchase memorial flowers during "Poppy Days" May 19 and 20.

The American Legion Auxiliary will distribute memorial flowers in Hudson May 19 20 in recognition of the sacrifice made by men and women who served and died for their country during a time of war.

The poppy was named the memorial flower of the American Legion Auxiliary at the 1921 National Convention in Kansas City. The American Legion poppies are made by veterans in Auxiliary-sponsored "Poppy Shops" maintained and administered by Auxiliary members, which are located in VA Medical Centers and other veterans' facilities.

"Whereas, the city of Hudson recognizes the American Legion Auxiliary and Legion family, who have pledged to remind Americans annually of the debt we owe to those who have served and died in the armed forces for our freedom," Mayor David Basil read in the proclamation.

Poppy Chairperson Barbara Mansfield and Chairman of Hudson Memorial Day Parade Cindy Suchan-Rothgeri accepted the a proclamation from the mayor.

The proceeds from the sale of the poppies goes toward helping veterans and their families, Mansfield said.

"The city of Hudson has been so caring, giving and faithful in their support of the Poppy Days," she said.

Mayor Basil read another proclamation for "Public Service Recognition Week" from May 7 to 13 in honor of public employees of the federal, state, county and local levels to keep communities and the nation functioning.

"Whereas, many government employees and volunteers risk their lives each day in service to the people of the United States and around the world," Basil read.

Assistant Public Works Director of parks, golf and cemeteries Trent Wash and Assistant Public Works Director of utilities Kevin Powell accepted the award for all employees.