Hudson City Schools (K-8) will join schools from around the country to celebrate National Bike to School Day on May 10. This seventh year for the spring event.

Bicyclists and walkers arriving at Evamere, East Woods, McDowell, Ellsworth Hills and Hudson Middle School will be greeted by Safe Routes Hudson volunteers passing out Kidz Organic Cliff Bars and bottled water. Bikers and walkers will also have an opportunity to enter a raffle to win prizes.

Each location will have certificates donated by generous local merchants. Safe Routes Hudson thanks its partners Acme Hudson, All Around Cyclery, Chipolte of Hudson, Lulu's Yogurt with a Twist, and Skyzone of Boston Heights, with special thanks to the Forrer Family and Stickler Family for their donations.

Students living 1 - 2 miles from their schools that have a safe path are encouraged to walk or bike to school. Helmets, reflective clothing and cautious walking and riding are encouraged. A sidewalk map is on the website.

Motorists are reminded to pay special attention to new bikers and walkers who may not be completely familiar with "the rules of the road" that morning and afternoon. Extra police presence will be out that morning helping out.

The event is being organized by Safe Routes Hudson, a community-initiated effort to improve walking and bicycling conditions in Hudson, in cooperation with the Hudson City Schools. More information is at