CUYAHOGA FALLS -- A former employee of the city has thrown her hat into the ring.

Susan Hale announced through social media April 26 she is running for mayor.

Running for public office is something Hale has been "kicking around for quite a while" but couldn't because she held an appointed position with the city, she said during a phone interview with the Falls News-Press May 2.

Hale is planning to file to run as a Republican in the primary election on Sept. 12. If she wins the Republican nomination, she would advance to the general election on Nov. 7.

"I would have had to quit my job," she said, adding she was not thinking about running for mayor at that time because Don Robart was still in office. "I was thinking about other things, but I didn't want to quit my job It wasn't an option at that time. Now it is."

Hale was employed in the city's utility billing office for 17 ° years, first as assistant manager then as manager. She resigned in 2014. Zachary Jones is the current utility billing manager.

Hale said her experience with the city would benefit her. "I know the departments. I know how they function," she said. "I've had experience with City Council."

"I've been knocking on a few doors and getting signatures," Hale said, adding she needs 50 valid signatures by June 14. "I've had such a wonderful response from people. A lot of people remember me from when I worked in the utility billing department. It's not like I'm totally unknown."

Mayor Don Walters, a Democrat, hosted a public rally at High Bridge Glens Park on April 11 where he announced his run for a second term.

Will Robart run again?

Will voters see Robart's name return to the ballot? That is a "distinct possibility," the former mayor said when contacted by phone on May 3. Robart, who was the Republican mayor for 28 years prior to Walters' election in 2013, said he has been "doing my homework" and will know for sure in a couple of weeks.


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