Hudson -- Drivers will need to be careful to stay in the correct lane on North Main Street between Clinton and Owen Brown streets as construction moves to the center lane.

The traffic pattern was expected to change May 5. Northbound traffic will move to the new pavement on the east side of the road and southbound traffic will move to the west side of the road.

Work in the middle lane is expected to take approximately two weeks, weather permitting, according to city Communications Manager Jody Roberts.

Traffic will be maintained during the construction, she said.

"The stores are still accessible," Roberts said. "The stores are open, and we encourage everyone to shop locally and support merchants during this difficult time for them."

Besides the lane changes, drivers will not be allowed to make left turns between Clinton and Owen Brown streets, she said.

Drivers heading south who want to access stores on the east side will need to turn right on Clinton Street, turn left on Library Street and make another left onto state Route 303 and another left on state Route 91 to head north on Main Street. Detour signs will be posted.

Drivers heading north who normally turn left at Clinton Street will need to turn left at state Route 303 and enter the First & Main shopping district at First or Library streets, she said.

Southbound drivers who normally turn left at Aurora Street will need to turn left at state Route 303 and then turn left again at Oviatt Street instead.

Aurora Street is open to two-way traffic but there will be some construction near the curb areas.

Drivers will be limited to right turns only south out of Clinton and north out of Aurora streets. Because construction is in the middle lane, traffic will not flow from Clinton to Aurora or vice versa.

Entrances to the stores will be maintained throughout the construction.

Diagonal parking will be maintained although some spaces may be closed due to construction.

There's parking on East Main, Aurora Street and in the back of the stores.

"We want to encourage people they can still get to the stores," Roberts said. "It's important now with Mother's Day and Father's Day coming up, it's a good time to support merchants for these occasions."

The final phase of the project will move construction to the west side of street and drivers will shift to the east.

Construction by Mr. Excavator resumed in March on Main Street for the $4.8 million North Main Street Improvement project and could continue through July.

The North Main Street Improvement Project between SR 303 and Owen Brown Street includes infrastructure improvements and a fresh new look, including new lighting and sidewalk/pedestrian areas, improved crosswalks, landscaping including street trees and planters. With the assistance of AMATS funding and an ODNR Grant, The Ohio Department of Transportation will resurface North Main Street as part of this project.

Most of the construction between state Route 303 and Clinton Street is completed with street lights in place, new sidewalks and London Plane and Accolade Elm trees planted in front of the stores.

Bumpouts for crosswalks, street signs and traffic lights will be added in the final phase.

The final stage will be a top layer of asphalt from state Route 303 to Owen Brown Street.

The Memorial Day parade will go on as scheduled on Main Street, but sections of the sidewalk may be closed to spectators during the parade, added Roberts.

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