CUYAHOGA FALLS — The head of the city school district is proposing the reduction in force of 24 teaching positions as part of a plan to save approximately $2 million.

Dr. Todd Nichols, superintendent of the Cuyahoga Falls City School District, shared his cost-cutting plan with the Board of Education during its regular meeting Wednesday evening in front of an audience primarily made up of teachers wearing their schools' colors.

Nichols’ plan is to eliminate four certified positions in the elementary schools, 12 in the middle schools and eight at the high school, for a total savings of $1.39 million. He also proposes making $426,922 in cuts to classified staff and supplemental contracts, among other measures.

“This is every superintendent's worst nightmare,” Nichols said. The superintendent's plan also calls for an increase in fees for technology, sports, band and other activities.

“I don't want to eliminate the classes we teach because those are opportunities for our kids,” he said. “Thank goodness we passed the renewal levy when we did [on Tuesday]. That gives us a window of opportunity.”

Without any changes being made, Nichols said, the district runs the risk of not making payroll in 2018, running out of money in 2019 and risking Ohio Department of Education fiscal watch in 2021.

The discussion on cuts took place during a work session and no action was taken by the Board of Education.


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