The National Park Service will conduct a 13-acre prescribed fire this spring in Boston Township, within Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The burn location is off Boston Mills Road just south of Interstate 80. The goal of the fire is to improve natural habitat. Specifically, the prescribed fire will burn the invasive plant species and create a good seed bed for native seeds.

The prescribed fire program at Cuyahoga Valley National Park is conducted by trained and experienced National Park Service fire personnel. Smoke dispersal is a primary concern and park staff will do everything possible to limit smoke in the area by monitoring wind and atmospheric conditions prior to ignitions.  However, smoke drifting in and around park lands and roadways is possible.

Before burning, a designated set of conditions must exist including ideal air temperature, wind speed and direction, and relative humidity. Burning may occur any time between April 24 and June 1 on a day when the right conditions exist, so it is not possible to schedule the exact date ahead of time. Weather conditions will be monitored throughout the duration of the burn to ensure the fire is completed safely.

An additional 45-acre prescribed burn is planned in the fall at Terra Vista Natural Study Area in Valley View (northeast of the intersection of Canal Road and Tinkers Creek Road. This burn will continue the success of managing invasive plant species in that area.