TWINSBURG TOWNSHIP -- For the fourth year, the Summit County Sheriff's Office will host Safety Town(ship), the Twinsburg Township Board of Trustees announced April 27.

The program takes place at Wilcox Primary School and other locations. Dates are June 12 through June 16, from 8:45 to 11:30 a.m. each day.

Application and program information is available at, as well as at Township Hall, 1790 Enterprise Parkway, or by calling 330-425-4497. Completed applications will be accepted at Township Hall through May 30.

Safety Town(ship) is a multi-day program intended for children entering kindergarten in the upcoming school year.

Children are provided with instruction on stranger danger, bicycle safety, Eddie the Eagle, water safety, wildlife education, seat belts, bus safety, crossing the street, traffic lights, fire safety and using 911.

Children can benefit from the school environment and classroom settings. Teaching safety to children at a young age and reinforcing it as they mature helps empower them for life.

The 2017 Safety Town(Ship) program is open to all, and offered at no cost to township residents. The Twinsburg Township Board of Trustees cooperates with the SCSO in putting on the program, as the SCSO provides police service to the township.

People are encouraged to apply soon.

Twinsburg Township was founded in 1817 and has a population close to 3,000 people. Along with the city of Twinsburg and village of Reminderville, it will celebrate its Bicentennial in 2017.