MUNROE FALLS -- The city's last charter review commission was in 2012. Voters approved the seven recommended changes that went to the ballot that November, including:

Establishing Jan.1, rather than the old date of Jan. 2, as the commencement date for the office of the mayor, aligning it with the first day for new City Council terms.

Two issues that respectively established the difference between a permanent vacancy, such as death or resignation, and a temporary absence, such as illness, in the office of the mayor.

Stipulating that the Council president, while serving as acting mayor, can only vote on Council to break ties.

Clarifying that in the event a mayor dies or resigns, the president of Council will serve as acting mayor until a successor would be elected during the first regular election, unless it is within a year of the mayor's term ending, in which case the Council president or vice president would serve for the balance of the unexpired term.

Clarifying that those appointed to the city's planning and zoning commission are to serve four-year terms in a staggered manner.

Allowing the city's park board to have nine volunteer members who will each serve a three-year term instead of five members serving five-year staggered terms.

Clarifying that a mayor must present potential volunteers and members of boards and commissions individually when appointing them for Council's approval.