HUDSON -- A new business opened April 15 on Barlow Road in a renovated section of the Sagamore Companies at 2001 Barlow Road.

Switching Gears is an indoor cycle studio where an instructor leads a cycling class using modern technology to challenge the participants.

They raised $1,000 for the American Cancer Society at the grand opening April 15.

Tom and Cindy Arcoria own Sagamore Companies, a landscape supply business.

They converted an empty section of the building into the cycle studio.

Cindy said she used to ride her bike on the road a lot but had too many near misses and stopped riding.

After attending a cycle gym, she proposed one for the Sagamore Co.

"We had extra space," Cindy said. "Do we rent it out? We like to work out and there was no cycle gym in Hudson, so we came up with Switching Gears."

The staff at Switching Gears includes 10 certified instructors in a studio with 24 bikes, four televisions, and a sound and light system to inspire cyclists to go the extra mile.

Anyone interested in signing up for a class can go to the mindbody app, sign up and purchase a ride.

After a workout at Switching Gears, the information from the workout is downloaded to the account, said instructor Charlie Baliman.

"They can compare workouts," said instructor Courtney Baliman. "People like having those numbers."

During a workout, the cyclists will have competitions, Courtney said.

"They cheer each other on," Courtney said. "It's a place for people to have a community of friends."

Other instructors include Tom Arcoria, Tori Baliman, Tamara BoBo, John Hornyak, Natalie Arcoria, Katie Blinco, Kathy Parie, Pam Houston and Stephen McAninch.

"Anyone can sit on a bike and put in their own effort," Courtney said. "From competitive people to those who just want a workout."

The weighted bike bars provide a full body workout, Courtney said.

After a workout, cool downs include a chilled towel with eucalyptus and lavender.

Kelly Turner of Hudson said the workout was fun.

"It's harder when someone is pushing you," Turner said.

Amy Yamokoski of Stow said she liked the music and energy in the cycle studio.

"Outdoor cycling is more leisurely," said Lori Braunscheidel of Stow. "In here, it's more of a workout."

Switching Gears offers water bottles, T-shirts, snacks and cycling shoes that can be rented for the workout.

Another service is Paleo To Me, owned by Jason Baliman, which offers unprocessed, naturally gluten-free meals ordered at and delivered to the building to eat there or take home.

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