The city of Stow has beuin its annual hydrant flushing program.

The program is expected to last approximately 8-10 weeks, ending on or before June 23.

Signs will be posted in work areas, prior to the start, and as the program moves into adjacent sections.

The program will begin in the southeast quadrant of the city; proceed along Fishcreek Road and areas to the east.

From there, the center, north and then south sections will be flushed. The program will end with the flushing of the west side of the city.

All residential and commercial areas will be flushed during the daytime hours of 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The department advises that customers refrain from doing laundry, as well as running water for cooking or medical needs, while crews are in your immediate area.

All customers are reminded to observe changes in water clarity during this program.

If water is discolored, let a cold water tap run for several minutes until clear.

If water does not clear within a few minutes, customers are advised to wait 1-2 hours and repeat the process.

Pressure fluctuations may also be experienced during this time.

It will return to normal as lines stabilize.

Further information can be obtained by accessing the city website at or by calling the Water Department at 330-689-2910.