HUDSON -- On May 2 residents will have the opportunity to say yes or no to Issue 13 which is a continuation of the current 1.5 mill Permanent Improvement Fund -- not a new tax.

If passed the 5-year PIF will generate about $1.38 million a year, according to the Summit County Fiscal Office.

"The PIF, 1.5 mill, 5-year limited levy has been placed on the ballot May 2 at no additional cost to the community," according to Superindtendent Phil Herman. "Since 1962, the Permanent Improvement levy has been an investment in our schools and students providing up-to-date technology, security upgrades, building climate control, and the on-going challenges of maintaining parking lots, sidewalks and thousands of square feet of building roofs, windows and exteriors."

The current PIF will expire Dec. 31. If not renewed, there will be no Permanent Improvement Funds in 2018 or until the levy passes again. according to the district.

The current PIF levy costs the owner of a $300,000 home about $138 per year. If passed, it will continue to cost that amount, and the renewal will not bring any new taxes.

According to the ballot language at the Summit County Board or Elections Issue 13 funds can only be used by the district for acquiring real estate for school purposes, constructing, expanding, rehabilitating, remodeling and improving school buildings, acquiring furniture, furnishings and equipment for school purposes and landscaping and improving schools.

All PIF dollars must be used for capital projects that will last 5 years or longer. This includes projects such as roof replacement or repair, parking lot and grounds and field maintenance, heating and cooling units, and technology. In addition, school buses and food service equipment are purchased with PIF dollars.

Over the next 5 years, a minimum of $285,000 will be dedicated annually to technology resources including servers, computers, Chromebooks, and other instructional equipment.

"I hope that you will remember to vote May 2 on this important school levy," Herman added.

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