SILVER LAKE — The village’s leader has recommended that Council consider putting the question of implementing a deer culling program before voters this fall.

If the measure was favored by a majority of voters and program was started, Mayor Bernie Hovey noted that the village would still have a good portion of the hunting season to thin the herd.
Hovey said he felt Council needed to come up with a specific program rather than just asking voters if they favor the concept or not.

Robert Heydorn, the village’s solicitor, clarified that such a ballot measure would be designed to acquire voters’ opinions about the program rather than asking them to enact it.

Hovey on April 17 made the ballot issue recommendation as he presented Council with revised legislation on the issue. Hovey said it was an altered version of the original measure that he gave Council a few months ago. Hovey initiated the first measure after he said many residents expressed concerns to him about deer in terms of safety for motorists and due to destruction of plants and other vegetation.
Hovey said he rewrote the legislation based on feedback he received from Council and residents. This newest proposal is only in draft form. The proposal, if approved, would only allow bow and arrow hunting from an elevated position. The mayor would be in charge of selecting and approving hunters. Residents would need to give consent for hunting to occur on their land.
“I am not married to this proposal at all,” emphasized Hovey. “I just tried to put one together based on the comments I’d been hearing for the past month or six weeks.”

Three residents attended the meeting and expressed concerns about hunting deer.

Resident Amy Bauer said the potential culling of deer is “very upsetting to us. I’m totally against it.”

See the April 30 edition of the Cuyahoga Falls News-Press for the complete story.