Tallmadge City School District’s 2017 Senior Class Prepares to Leave the District as Students One Last Time

Tallmadge City School District’s 2017 senior class is busy finishing up its end of the year assignments, exams, preparing for graduation and participating in senior activities. A part of the activities includes celebrating the end of their time in the district with a senior activities week.
During the week of May 15, seniors will take part in a number of activities created especially for them. On Monday, seniors will participate in community give back day. They will spend the morning visiting five locations throughout the city planting flowers, staining fences, washing headstones, picking up trash and pulling weeds. In the afternoon, the students will enjoy a picnic sponsored by the Junior Class Executive Board at Maca Park.

On Tuesday, seniors will enjoy a special breakfast at the Sheraton Suites in Cuyahoga Falls. The breakfast will include awards, an address from the class president and a car giveaway by Park Ford. Caps and gowns will be distributed after breakfast at the high school. The seniors will then participate in senior send-off and visit each of the district’s buildings in their caps and gowns.

On Wednesday, seniors will spend the morning practicing for graduation. The week will end with their graduation on Thursday, May 18.

“This is always a great week for our seniors to wrap up their time in the district,” said Superintendent Jeff Ferguson. “As we prepare to say goodbye to the graduating class, these end-of-year activities provide them with an opportunity to celebrate their hard work and success. We wish the 2017 senior class good luck in their future endeavors. We will miss you all and hope you come back to visit!”

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