COLUMBUS -- The state Controlling Board released more than $2 million Monday for building improvements at Kent State University.

The funds will go toward upgrades in Moulton Hall to accommodate an expansion of KSU's College of Public Health, one of two such colleges in the state. The college has grown from 70 students when it was established in 2009 to 879 today, according to documents.

KSU "identified vacant space in Terrace Hall as the target location for the growing Public Health program, but after a detailed review it was determined that Moulton Hall would be a better long-term location for the program. Much of Moulton Hall is already utilized by the College of Public Health therefore, by relocating the dean's office and expanding the program in this location rather than in Terrace Hall, the college would be consolidated in two locations."

Documents add that Terrace Hall will be "evaluated for other critical space needs for the campus and will remain vacant for the time being."

Of the funds released Monday, more than $1.7 million will go to Stitle Construction Corp. of Salem.

Marc Kovac covers the Ohio Statehouse for Gatehouse Media. Contact him at or on Twitter at OhioCapitalBlog.