Currently, the Cuyahoga Falls City School District participates in the open enrollment option. This allows students who do not live in our district to attend our schools. Resident students and non-resident students both provide state funds for our district. However, only district residents provide local property taxes. Non-resident students' local school property taxes do not transfer to our school system because that money remains in the district where the student actually lives. This "missing money" is thousands of dollars per pupil. At this time, the Cuyahoga Falls City School District has more than 400 open enrollment students. The district is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to subsidize these open enrollment students. Taxpayers in the Cuyahoga Falls City School District should insist that the School Board reconsider the open enrollment choice. The Board members need to make sure that the available tax money is used wisely for the best possible educational outcome for our students.

Pat Lukosavich, Cuyahoga Falls