CUYAHOGA FALLS -- One resident of the apartment complex that caught fire on April 13 shared her experience with the Falls News-Press.

On April 14, Studio City apartment tenant Erica Scherer was at her ground-floor apartment gathering a few items to take back with her to the hotel where she and her family were staying. Since she and her brother and their fiances and Erica's daughter live at the opposite end of the building from the fire, they did not immediately know what was happening at the time.

"Around midnight I heard a bunch of people yelling and I yelled out the window for them to be quiet because we didn't know what was going on," Scherer said. "They yelled back at me that the building was on fire." Once she knew about the fire, she woke everyone up in her apartment and they and their pets exited onto the patio.

"Down there was just smoke billowing out from the end of the building," she said, adding when the fire department left around 2 a.m. she and her family were able to go back inside to retrieve some items. Scherer said her renter's insurance covers their hotel stay. "The other families who didn't have insurance they went with the Red Cross," she said.


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