Students from Joni Giles' software technology and entrepreneurship class advanced from the Business Professionals of America regional competition, where over 700 students competed, to participate in the state competition. Close to 5,000 students competed at the sate level March 16 and 17 at the Hyatt Convention Center in Columbus.

How Giles' students placed: Administrative Support Concepts -- Morgan Reese, second-place regional, top third state; Business Meeting Management -- Makayla Corrin, second-place regional, first-place state; Joseph Wymer, third-place regional, 11th-place state; Financial Math and Analysis -- Evan Makuch, first-place regional, eighth-place state; Mitchell Makuch, second-place regional, 12th-place state; Legal Office Procedures -- Mitchell Makuch, second-place regional, 11th-place state; Erin Parsons, fourth-place regional, 14th-place state; Management, Marketing, Human Relations -- Morgan Reese, second-place regional, ninth-place state; Erin Parsons, first-place regional, top third state; Personal Financial Management -- Evan Makuch, second-place regional, eighth-place state.

The following students from Kim Brendel's finance and business management class also competed in the BPA state competition. Brendel's students prepared synthesized presentations based on independent business research and various case studies to create business proposals on all but the Spreadsheet competition.

The project based contest represent capstones within the business classes. Human Resources Management -- Emma Brown, first-place regional, 16th-place state; Fundamental Spreadsheets (MS Office Excel 2016) --Sarina Layton, first-place regional, 22nd-place state; Angelo Mariola -- second-place regional, 12th-place state; Small Business Management Team -- Ross Haught, Dajana Saric and Alexa Sebastiani, second-place regional, 12th-place state; Presentation Management, Individual -- Alexis Swain, first-place regional, 14th-place state.