NORTHFIELD VILLAGE -- Beginning May 1 residents on the east side of the village will need to put their trash cans out on Mondays and west side residents' trash will be picked up on Tuesdays.

Rumpke, the trash collection service contracted with the village, has been picking up trash on Thursdays however has decided to break up the service to the village over two days.

Law Director Brad Bryan said at the village's April 12 Council meeting that Rumpke will pick up April 27 as usual and begin the new schedule May 1.

He said the schedule change was Rumpke's decision.

"It fits into their overall schedule a little better timing-wise and they also thought it would be helpful to come up two days instead of one. That way if there are issues and they forget something on Monday they can pick it up Tuesday," Bryan said. "The other reason is they can use the same driver both days instead of two drivers on Thursdays and they thought that might be a little more effective."

The rescheduling of trash pickup also led Council to repeal a section of 1060.08 of the streets, utilities and public services code relating to garbage hauling. Bryan said the code was outdated because it dated back to when the service department used to pick up trash before the village contracted with a garbage collection service. As part of the ordinance, trash was only picked up Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays of each week so the ordinance had to be changed or repealed in order to be compliant with Rumpke's Monday/Tuesday pickup.

Also on April 12, Mayor Jesse Nehez announced there will be a community garage sale the weekend of June 3 and Council voted unanimously to waive garage sale fees for that weekend.

Also regarding garage sale permit fees, Council voted unanimously to raise the fee from $1 to $5 for residents seeking to hold a garage sale any time other than the June community-wide sale. Permits are valid for three consecutive days, and no more than three permits will be issued for a residence in any 12-month period per residence, unless the home has been sold.

Parking rules under consideration

Council is also planning to increase parking ticket fees from $10 to a minimum of $25 or more. A work session has been scheduled for 7 p.m. April 26 prior to the next regular Council meeting.

Bryan said parking tickets have been $10 since 1998, with the exception of parking in front of fire hydrants, which is a $50 fine. He said the cost to process a parking ticket is higher than $10, and Councilor Alan Hipps suggested raising fees to "at least recoup that" amount.

The ordinance being discussed would also prohibit parking in the reverse flow of traffic, so any vehicle parked on the street must be parked facing in the same direction as the traffic flows. Additionally no parking will be permitted on the fire hydrant side of the street. Bryan said the ordinance will also clarify there is no parking on tree lawn or off the driveway portion of the property.

The ordinance was left on first reading pending more discussion in the next work session, which will also include discussion with Service Director Jason Walters regarding senior snow plow program complaints he received this winter.

In other business, Council unanimously voted to purchase a camera system for the service department to use in the sewers at a cost of just over $66,000. The camera funds were included in the department's budget for 2017.

In an effort to give back to the community Council also voted unanimously to donate $500 for Team Tessa in honor of Tessa Puma, the 6-year-old Northfield Center girl who recently lost half of her left leg to an infection. Another $500 was donated from the Village to Wheels to Run, a fundraiser for cerebral palsy.

Councilor Nick Magistrelli said he is proud to be part of a Council who wants to "give back."

"I think everyone in the village should be proud and happy we are able to help these people in these situations," Magistrelli said. "I know there was a long time where we didn't have it and it's a pleasure to sit up here with these guys and be able to do this."

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