Shelley L. Djordjevic trust to Jonathan and Lisa Blackwell, 600 Bounty Road, $367,500.

Joseph W. and Marcy C. Beatty to Ess A. William and Michelle R. Van, 436 Club Drive, $620,000.

Melvia J.Jovick to Xiaosi Liu and Yang Yang, 914 East Blvd., $125,000.

Villas of Bertram LLC to Millard J. and Jin L. Polivka, 714 HIlliary Lane, $373,600.

Michael P. Gervace to Charles McGhee, 961 Moneta Ave., $98,000.

Sidney A. Hilston to James B. Wyman, 220 N. Park Drive, $69,200.

Mary E. Watson to Emily A. Hurst, 516 Robinhood Drive, $126,000.

Lakes of Aurora to Wagner family living trust, 523 Sheffield Court, $358,700.

T. and Samantha Murray to Susan A. Colebrook, 725-17 Windward Drive, $154,000.

Portage County sheriff to JUstin and Emily English, 1024 Bryce Ave., $83,000.

Owen E. Hilston to James B. Wyman, 22 N. Park Drive, $69,000.