On April 5, Magical Theatre Company (MTC) performed two plays at Highland Elementary School, part of the Stow-Munroe Falls City School District. Both plays were written by fourth-grade students at Highland. The event was sponsored by the Highland Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

In the fall, MTC visited Highland and coached the fourth-grade students through a script-writing activity. Over the next few weeks, each fourth-grader created a story and script for a play. The students submitted the plays in October and MTC chose two to practice and perform.

"It was wonderful for our students to have the opportunity to see their work performed live for the entire school," said Highland Principal Meghan Graziano. "The students whose plays were performed and those who received honorable mentions for their scripts were so excited to see their work showcased in this way. It was far beyond what we would have been able to do on a regular basis in the classroom."

The two plays that were chosen were "The Haunted Playground," by Alexa Thomas, and "Candy World," by Adelyn Kruse. In "The Haunted Playground," children see a worn down wooden playground and meet a ghost named Trida. At the end, Trida is turned from a ghost back into a boy. In "Candy World," a young girl, Lexi, is transported into Candy World, which is her favorite book. She then has to travel to collect different items, like a piece of the tallest candy cane tree, in order to return home.

The students whose plays were chosen received certificates from MTC, and several other students received honorable mentions.

"When I got picked I was so surprised, I thought the performance was really good," said Thomas. "I was so happy to be picked, and the author's chair was really comfy."

"I really liked the performance, and I was surprised by the [way a character looked]," Kruse said. "My friends and I were really happy with the way they did my script."

Magical Theatre Company is a non-profit, touring, educational and entertainment resource for young audiences and families. Founded in 1972, its mission is to enhance learning, growth and civic improvement through live theater performances. During their performances, MTC focuses on getting children excited about and involved in the show.

"This was a really fun event, and the students shared many smiles and laughs during the performances," Graziano said. "We truly appreciate our PTA's willingness to financially support these types of programs to enrich the educational experience of our students."