The Hudson High School Drama Club performed "Les Miserables" on April 7,8 and 9. Here are some pictures of the events, and the names of the lead roles. There were 75 cast members in all. Roles: Jean Valjean Andrew Klemm, Inspector Javert Karsen Guldan, The Bishop of Digne Connor Feifter, The Factory Foreman Patrick Hill, Fantine Kelly Ross, Bamatabois Hanno Guldan, Fauchelevent Will Baughman, Young Cosette Megan Archer, Madame Thenardier Kendall Crookston, Young Eponine Liana Iriarte, Thenardier A.J. Fulco, Gavroche Adeline Pelletier, Enjolras Hanno Guldan, Marius Pontmercy David Gregory, Eponine Gabby Hruby, Cosette - Magdelana Haas, Brujon Jacob Carson, Babet Jonathan Gregory, Claquesous Max Semenscuzk, Montparnasse Geoff Pollock, Combeferre Connor Neifert, Feuilly - Will Baughman, Courfeyrac Geoff Pollock, Joly - Anton Van De Motter, Grantaire Ethan Meyers, Jean Prouvaire Parick Hill and Lesgles Max Semenscuzk. The pictures were provided by John Brockway.

More photos from Brockway can be found at: