Macedonia Mayor Joe Migliorini and Councilor Sylvia Hanneken agreed to talk about Issue 3 with News Leader editor Eric Marotta April 13 at Record Publishing Co.'s office in Kent. During the 25-minute discussion, both officials agreed the city needs to maintain its income tax rate at 2 percent, but disagreed on various other aspects of city finances.

Issue 3 is a 0.5 percent income tax increase that would be earmarked for general improvements, capital improvements, maintenance, current operating expenses, road improvements, and the city parks and recreation center.

The city's current tax rate is presently 2 percent, but will drop to 1.75 percent in June, when a 0.25 precent income tax for recreation and operations expires. The expiring tax had subsidized operation of the Macedonia Family Recreation Center, along with paying off debt used to build the facility.

One provision of Issue 3 would be the authorization of refunds to city residents, guaranteeing they would pay no more than 2 percent in taxes to the city of Macedonia.