NORTHFIELD CENTER Township Trustees are considering a paving project on Beachwood Drive and Cherry Lane in 2018.

Trustees voted April 3 to request the Summit County Engineer's services for the project, according to Trustee John Romanik. He said the project could cost anywhere from $400,000 to $700,000, depending on the type of work to be performed.

He said the engineer will review the condition of the road and make a recommendation as to whether the road should be paved or undergo a mill and fill process. Romanik said both options would last approximately 12 years, but the paving process could be slightly less quality and potentially not last quite as long. Once the engineer has made recommendations, Trustees plan to apply for an Ohio Public Works Commission Grant, which would fund roughly 40-50 percent of the project.

Romanik said he doesn't have a timeline to expect the engineer's recommendations, but the earliest the road could be paved would be 2018.

In other business, Trustees tabled a resolution to change the Road Department's title to Service Department and the Road Superintendent's title to Service Director. Romanik said the title change would be more accurate.

"Our road department does a lot more for the community than just the roads," Romanik said. "They also do chipping, leaf pick up and they maintain all the township's vehicles, not just their own [department's]."

He said the reason trustees tabled the decision was to make sure by changing the department's name nothing road levy related would be jeopardized. Romanik said the county prosecutor will look into that for the township.

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