On April 10, Cuyahoga Falls Mayor Don Walters unveiled Western Reserve Hospital as the newest honoree of Honorary Boulevard.

At a public ceremony, Broad Boulevard was renamed in the facility's honor, and hospital officials were presented with a custom-made street sign bearing their name during a presentation at the Cuyahoga Falls City Council meeting the same evening. The sign is currently displayed at the commemorative site in the median strip at Broad Boulevard and Third Street.

"Western Reserve Hospital continues to make unparalleled contributions to our community through the 'Not Me I'm Drug Free' program, Envelope of Life, support for our safety forces, and countless sponsorship dollars that are donated to the city and their business and community partners here in the city of Cuyahoga Falls," said Mayor Walters. "Many of our city programs would not be possible without their financial commitment to helping improve wellness and quality of life for our residents. We are fortunate to have a hospital in our city that is owned and managed by physicians, who have invested in ensuring our residents have easy and convenient access to award winning, high quality, high satisfaction health care."

"We are deeply honored with this distinction and view it as a very public reminder of our dedicated commitment to the city we call home, Cuyahoga Falls," said Dr. Robert Kent, President and CEO, Western Reserve Hospital. "Our organization was founded by local physicians with the mission to bring the highest level of care and service to the community. That promise is followed by every member of our staff, and the deep ties we have to the city of Cuyahoga Falls are wonderfully represented through the Honorary Boulevard recognition."

The Honorary Boulevard Street Naming Award is an initiative used to pay homage to the people and organizations that selflessly give back to Cuyahoga Falls residents and the city as a whole, according to a city news release.

To qualify, a nominee must have made extraordinary volunteer contributions to the local community, arts, environment, education, neighborhoods, health, or human services. They are recognized for their substantial volunteer efforts, time commitments, and financial donations that directly impact the betterment of the community.

This is an honorary gesture only and does not change the official designation of Broad Boulevard for postal purposes.