Hudson - Drivers need to be alert as lane changes occur on Main Street to accommodate the construction between Clinton and Owen Brown Street.

Construction by Mr. Excavator resumed in March on Main Street for the $4.8 million North Main Street Improvement project and could continue through July.

The work between state Route 303 and Owen Brown Street includes infrastructure improvements like new sidewalks, new lights, improved crosswalks and landscaping.

Traffic will be maintained during the construction, said Jody Roberts, communication manager.

Traffic was shifted to the west side of Main Street and to the south side of Aurora Street but two-way traffic is being maintained, she said.

Parallel parking in front of the stores between Clinton and Owen Brown Street is gone during construction but other nearby parking locations will be open.

"The stores are still accessible," Roberts said. "The stores are open, and we encourage everyone to shop locally and support merchants during this difficult time for them."

Entrances to the alley behind the Main Street stores and access to the parking on the east side of the street will be open.

The sidewalk in front of the stores will be removed and replaced in sections on both sides of the street, Roberts said. Backhoes and trucks were lined up in the work area and removing sections of old sidewalk on the east side of the street April 5. Some pedestrian crosswalks are closed and brick is being placed on the new walkway on the Clocktower Green.

Owen Brown Street will be closed for approximately three weeks during the construction period.

Clinton Street will be closed for about two weeks at the corner of Main Street for work on curbs and lights, she said. Access to the alley behind the stores will be maintained. Park Lane will remain open when Clinton Street is closed.

The water and sewer work are completed. Work on the north end will include silva cells for trees on the west side and decorative lights on both sides, Roberts said. Some trees have been planted on the south side of Clinton Street.

Aurora Street near the Clocktower will be closed for about three weeks from the North Main Street to East Main Street, and no parallel parking in that section will be available during construction.

"There will be some congestion and traffic delays while we're in the middle of this," she said.

Toward the end of the work schedule, bump outs will be added for safer street crossing, lines will be added and more trees planted.

The final stage will be a top layer of asphalt from state Route 303 to Owen Brown Street.

The Memorial Day parade will go on as scheduled on Main Street, but sections of the sidewalk may be closed to spectators during the parade, added Roberts.

Go to for updates or for questions about the project, call the engineering department at 330-342-1770 or email

In addition Barlow Road is closed for 120 days beginning April 3 for work at the railroad crossing and detour signs will be in place.

The project includes pavement removal, fill construction, asphalt pavement, curb, storm and utility work, pond removal, signage and pavement markings.

Ellsworth Meadows Golf Course can be accessed from Terex Road to Barlow Road from the west.

For questions or comments, contact Brad Kosco, assistant city engineer, at 330-342-1770 or