Staff Sgt. Jonathan Black has been assigned to the Air Force recruiting office located at 766 Howe Ave., Cuyahoga Falls.

As an Air Force enlisted recruiter, SSgt. Blackwell is responsible for "inspiring, engaging and recruiting future Airmen to deliver airpower for America in the Cuyahoga Falls area," stated a news release.

Prior to his assignment in Cuyahoga Falls, SSgt. Blackwell was assigned to Pope Air Force Base in North Carolina as an Air Transportation Craftsman for seven years.

While stationed at the Pope Air Force Base, SSgt. Blackwell served three separate six-month deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan and Romania. He served in Iraq in 2010, in Afghanistan in 2012-13 and in Romania in 2014.

SSgt. Blackwell has worked in the Cuyahoga Falls office since January.

For more information about Air Force opportunities, contact SSgt. Blackwell at 330-603-8254 or via email at, visit Facebook at or