Sydney Overall will speak on The Battle of Shiloh April 12 at the Peninsula Library. Sponsored by the Cuyahoga Valley Civil War Round Table, the 7:30 p.m. event is free and the public is welcome.

On April 6 and 7 of 1862, Union and Confederate forces slugged it out at Pittsburg Landing on the Tennessee River. Combined casualties were close to 24,000. Each side had more than 1,700 killed.

Ohio contributed 27 infantry regiments, 6 artillery units and 1 cavalry unit.

In an email, Overall said, "I visited the site and nearby Corinth, MS, in April 2015. I regard the Battle of Shiloh as one of five that greatly weakened the Confederacy (Shiloh and Antietam in 1862, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, and Chattanooga in 1863), prompting the Confederacy to totter on defeat in 1864. Prior interpretations of the Battle of Shiloh have overemphasized the defense of the Hornet's Nest to understand the Union victory."

One writer said it was Grant's worst day. Overall added, "Although surprised about an attack from the southwest, Grant made no mistakes on the battlefield, did not retreat at the end of the first day of battle, and prepared to attack on the next day