HUDSON -- A musical play about poverty and persecution will lift the spirit and inspire hope this weekend.

The Hudson High School Drama Club will perform the musical "Les Miserables" April 7 and 8 from 7 to 10 p.m. and April 9 from 2 to 5 p.m. In the Hudson High School auditorium.

The "Les Miserables" musical is based on the French historical novel by Victor Hugo published in 1862. The story of redemption, love and duty has inspired through the years and the talented voices of the Hudson High School students will lift the spirits of those in the audience and cause a few tears.

The musical is directed by Sarah Bailey, director of education and resident director of Weathervane Playhouse, where she had been employed since 2010. She has directed and choreographed many well-known plays and musicals for the past 13 years.

The large cast of 75 members doesn't daunt Bailey who begins the rehearsals with stretching and vocal warm-up exercises.

"Les Miserables was a good choice for the talent here," Bailey said.

The voices are strong with a clarity that resonates to the back row.

The subject matter is hard, Bailey said. Hugo's work was a commentary on the harsh conditions toward convicts, prostitutes and the poor. Hugo gave them a voice in his writings, and the students give them a voice in songs.

Finding enough costumes was a challenge, Bailey said. The technical aspects put a large demand on the crew behind the scenes as well.

Before rehearsing Bailey spoke to the large ensemble, reminding them that each person was important.

"You are equally important as the person next to you," Bailey said. "You are part of the show. A piece of the puzzle."

Many of the students are not recognized as singers.

"When you walk into this room, you are special," Bailey said. "You have a talent. Now you get to share that talent. It brings you joy. I want to see that joy."

The cast includes junior Andrew Klemm as Jean Valjean, sophomore Karsen Guldan as Inspector Javert, senior Connor Neifert as the Bishop of Digne and Combeferre, junior Patrick Hill as the factory foreman and Jean Prouvaire, sophomore Kelly Ross as Fantine, senior Hanno Guldan as Bamatabois and Enjolras, freshman Will Baughman as Fauchelevent and Feuilly, seventh grader Megan Archer as young Cosette, senior Kendall Crookston as Madame Thenardier, Liana Irarte as young Eponine, junior A.J. Fulco as Thenardier, Adeline Pelletier as Gavroche, senior David Gregory as Marius Pontmercy, freshman Gabby Hruby as Eponine, senior Magdelana Haas as Cosette, freshman Jacob Carson as Brujon, sophomore Jonathan Gregory as Babet, junior Max Semenscuzk as Claquesous and Lesgles, sophomore Geoff Pollock as Montparnasse and Courfeyrac, junior Anton Von De Motter as Joly and senior Ethan Meyers as Grantaire.

The people of France include: seniors Adeline Wickerham, Breanna Ott, Hannah Forrestal, Holly Damante, Katie Chojnacki, Lauren Hackenberg, Liz Breen, Chloe Paul, Lauren Kane, Olivia Van Bokkelen; juniors Alex Sexton, Catherine Sommer, Emily Lauletta, Frederica Buonaiuto, Grace Meyers, Grace Turner, Nicole Neifert, Nora Suntken, Ashlynn Valentik, Julianne Elbin, Kelsey Lowman; sophomores Aly McVan, Ashley DiPenti, Becca Savarino, Bridget Sciartelli, Caroline Coy, Ellie Norin, Emma Huston, Gabby Gyurky, Helena Norman, Holly Pappano, Katie Box, Lauren Betz, Leslie Wilch, Olivia Bernardo, Sophia Price, Haille Mihalek; and freshmen Abbie Brockway, Alexsis Osburn, Ciera Kent, Devin Oates, Hallie Fritsch, Hazel Hutchins, Jessica Pompili, Kristen Becka,

The children's ensemble includes Camille Hruby, Elleana Kent, Gabrielle Gluntz, Greer Miller, Julia Van Bokkelen, Lindsey Ross, Lindsey Tima, Mirabella Iriarte and Noah Wearly.


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