The Coalition for Children's Mental Health will host a discussion about children's mental health and wellness April 4 at 7 p.m. in the media center of East Woods School.

The "Ask the Experts" panel includes professionals experienced in children's mental health including:

Dr. Sarah Adams Pediatrician at Akron Children's Hospital

Dr. Kelly Christian Psychologist and Director, Ethan D. Schafer Center at Lawrence School;

Dr. Laura Gerak Psychologist at Akron Children's Hospital;

Mrs. Nicole Carmichael Counselor at Hudson High School;

Ms. Shelley LaudatoCounselor at Hudson High School;

Darlene LaFontaine Parent Mentor at Hudson City Schools.

CCMH will open the floor for all attendees to ask questions that increase the collective understanding of mental health in children as well as what parents and other adults can do to support the mental health of children in our community.

CCMH's mission is to provide educational opportunities designed to increase the understanding of behavioral and emotional disorders in children and youth while promoting mental wellness for all. Through advocacy, CCMH strives to raise the awareness of mental health issues and to decrease the stigma of mental illness. CCMH supports families coping with mental health issues by providing links to area resources and creating connections within the community.

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