The Science Olympiad teams from Hudson High School and Hudson Middle School competed at the Spectrum Akron Regional Tournament held at the University of Akron March 11. Science Olympiad is the premier science team competition in the nation, with programs run in all 50 states.

The Hudson High School team competed at the tournament with two teams of approximately 15 students each. Out of 24 teams from 12 Eastern Ohio counties, the two Hudson teams took second place and eighth place, thus qualifying for the state competition once again. Out of 23 events, the two teams received top-six medals 24 times. These medals include eight first place medals and five second place medals.

Since the team's creation in 2010, the team has established a strong reputation, as evidenced by having qualified for the state competition every year since 2011. The team has continually placed at the top at the regional tournament, including finishing first in 2014, and reached a best placing of eighth in Ohio at the state competition last year. The team is coached by Robert Ulrich, a chemistry and biology teacher at Hudson High School. The team will advance to the state tournament on April 1 at The Ohio State University.

Hudson Middle School also competed with two teams at the regional tournament. The middle school team was formed last year by several high school team members with the help of the NEOHSTEM Alliance, and continues to be mentored by high school students and parents of competitors. Since the start of this season, the team has been led by head coach Jordan Renna, an assistant professor of biology at the University of Akron.

Despite the team being only in its second year of existence, the middle school team placed high enough to qualify for the state tournament on April 1. Winning medals in eight out of 23 events, the two Hudson Middle School teams finished sixth and 13th out of 21 teams.

Regional Tournament Medals

Hudson High School:

Dynamic Planet 1st place: Darren Huang and Alexis Baloi

Experimental Design 1st place: Olivia Bouquot, Kevin Du, and Alexis Baloi

Forensics 1st place: Maria Zou and Olivia Bouquot

Helicopters 1st place: Darren Huang and Taejun Kim

Hovercraft 1st place: Darren Huang and Taejun Kim

Materials Science 1st place: Kevin Du and Gloria Tie

Microbe Mission 1st place: Jenny Gan and Alexis Baloi

Astronomy 1st place: Wendell Wu and Sean Scarnecchia

Disease Detectives 2nd place: Omar Bouhenni and Maria Zou

Invasive Species 2nd place: Justin Yun and Jenny Gan

Towers 2nd place: Darren Huang and Kevin Du

Wind Power 2nd place: Gloria Tie and Darren Huang

Forensics 2nd place: Nava Ramazanali and Claire Kim

Ecology 3rd place: Harrsha Congivaram and Jenny Gan

Write It Do It 3rd place: Kevin Du and Maria Zou

Helicopters 3rd place: Wendell Wu and Terry Li

Wind Power 3rd place: Brian Fetsko and Junee Grewal

Chemistry Lab 5th place: Kevin Du and Jenny Gan

Game On 5th place: Gloria Tie and Brian Glen

Hydrogeology 6th place: Justin Yun and Olivia Bouquot

Anatomy and Physiology 6th place: Junee Grewal and Brian Fetsko

Ecology 6th place: Junee Grewal and Brian Fetsko

Electric Vehicle 6th place: Wendell Wu and Michael Liang

Invasive Species 6th place: Brian Fetsko and Andrew Ye

Hudson Middle School:

Optics 1st place: Anthony Yuhos and Grant Putnam

Fast Facts 2nd place: Sera Matthew and Yeji Kim

Experimental Design 3rd place: Sera Mathew, Patrick Li and Jack Vogal

Anatomy and Physiology 5th place: Iris Renna and Anna Liu

Ecology 5th place: Patrick Li, Jack Vogal

Reach for the Stars 5th place: Patrick Li and Jack Vogal

Food Science 6th place: Anthony Yuhos and Melissa Hansen

Write it/Do it 6th place: Ivy Wang and Ruby Corpus