SAGAMORE HILLS Sagamore Hills Township Trustees have finalized the purchase of a Valley View Road property for an undetermined future use.

Trustees Dave DePasquale, Paul Schweikert and John Zaccardelli unanimously approved the purchase Dec. 27. The approximately 2.5 acres of land at 11668 Valley View Road is located directly across from the entrance to Canal Road. Trustees paid $141,000 out of the general fund, according to Schweikert.

The property was sold by Richard and Dona Basel.

Zaccardelli said the Basels had approached the township regarding selling the property in 2013 but had a change of heart.

"Mr. Basel got nostalgic because it was their family home," he said. "So the sale just didn't happen back then, but we did have appraisals done at that time."

He said former Trustee Rosemary Snell told him once "they aren't making land anymore so you have to be productive when these opportunities arise."

Zaccardelli said the land purchase was a great opportunity because the land abuts the Sagamore Hills Park where the service garage and new fire substation are located.

"If this property was in the middle of nowhere, the purchase wouldn't have happened," he said. "In real estate it's about 'location, location location' and this land makes it possible for our future trustees to expand the township someday."

He added the township cannot expand its facilities on park land because it has to stay park land.

After Mrs. Basel's passing in December, the family again approached the township and the sale became a reality.

Schweikert said the Trustees are not planning for anything to be added to the land.

"We'll leave it as green space and use it as storage," he said, adding a small storage garage on the property came with the purchase.

He said the land really has no limitations and the township does not currently have the funds to do anything with it.

The house the Basels lived in was demolished as part of the sale. Schweikert said the state tore the house down.

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