NORTHFIELD VILLAGE -- During a work session March 22 Council members discussed the merits of broadening the scope of the presidential road project, with members agreeing to adjust the budget to add $300,000 to the $640,000 project. The final vote is expected at an upcoming Council meeting.

Engineer Rich Wasosky said instead of just milling and filling the nine roads, it would be beneficial to use a recycled pavement process, which extends the depth of the paving process to 9 inches as opposed 3 inches the mill and fill process would provide.

"It's a much better job and you will certainly have far fewer complaints," Wasosky said. "If we just mill and fill the gutter area is going to look bad."

He said the recycled pavement process will add about five years to the lifespan of the road, bringing the life span up to as much as 15 years. Wasosky added Maple Avenue will not be included in the recycled paving process because all it needs is a mill and fill.

Mayor Jesse Nehez said just for the life-span alone he was "all for" the recycled paving process.

Councilor Alan Hipps said the roads were "pretty well shot" in the presidential section and Wasosky agreed saying the base of the road is "beyond it's useful life."

The mill and fill would have cost $640,000 on its own but with the recycled paving process the project will cost an additional $300,000, which was not budgeted for the year.

Finance Director Tricia Ingrassia recommended to Council looking at postponing the parking lot projects it had budgeted for the year and putting the funds toward the presidential roads to make up $250,000 of the cost.

The remaining $50,000 will have to come from the property improvement fund Council established to put funds aside for renovations of the bank building the village acquired last year, the fire department and village hall.

Service Director Jason Walters said the Ledge Road parking lots are more of a "perk" than necessity.

"I field calls every day about the presidential (roads)," Walters said. "To me, we want to get the most life out of it, this is the best thing to do ... there is no more band aid."

He said in 2018 Ledge Road could be done depending on what happens in Macedonia and if they will apply for a grant jointly with the Village, since half the road lies in the Village and half in the city, and the Ledge Road parking lot could be rolled into that project at a better cost. Walters also said it would be "impossible" to get the Heights Avenue parking lot done in time for baseball season.

Also with the presidential roads, one-third of Kennedy Boulevard from "the turn" to Vorderman Avenue will get connected to a new sewer line. The cost for the section is $133,402 and was included in this year's budget. However the engineering costs for the that portion of the project were not budgeted so Council will have to appropriate funds

Magistrelli said the problem in the area is standing water.

"Our biggest complaint was it's kind of a high side with a dip, the water was coming in and laying and going back into the grass," Magistrelli said. "There was nowhere for the water to go.

Wasosky agreed, saying there are no sewer drains in that section so the drains from the houses would go directly to the curb line, where water would freeze.

The project is expected to begin in July, and could last until Thanksgiving, according to Wasosky. He said the contractor will determine which road to start with.

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